The Essence

“Alaya” is Sanskrit for “essence” or the “open unbiased expanse of mind.” Alaya Preschool was named by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987), the founder of Naropa University and our school, now in its 41st year. In doing so, he signaled a guiding principle for how the school views our children and community. Our vision is for the children, parents, teachers, and staff of Alaya to be held and seen in the essence of who we are in this very moment: basic goodness. Alaya teachers and staff all have contemplative practices facilitating their presence here and beyond. Thus in addition to nurturing child development, we honor, support, and care for all that arises in the child’s own unique experience and path right here, right now. We believe love is the answer, and being present with the children and one another gives us the greatest opportunity to feel and understand this truth.