Service Hours

Alaya Preschool depends on community members to contribute time and skill to repair, maintain, and beautify the environment for the children. Each Alaya family or caregiving team commits to volunteering 10 Service Hours per school year, or to funding the hours at $20/hr in lieu of volunteer time. You can apply with the office for any of the jobs listed here, and periodically, we’ll post one-time, or particularly skilled opportunities. Fall Environment Day does not count toward Service Hour totals, but any parent-led initiatives, such as Spring Service Day, throughout the year will count.


When you commit to a position or project, please track the number of hours you are completing. You can enter them here, email them to Julia at to be recorded, or leave a note on the reception desk if you prefer to keep it folksy.

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Gardens & Grounds

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Garden Beds

Tend classroom garden beds, and school-wide garden to keep them healthy. Includes weeding, watering as needed, and covering to protect from deer and pests. Prepare soil in spring, plant ground cover in fall.


Weed and trim landscaping as needed. Prepare Garuda meditation garden before graduation.


Rake leaves in the fall on all three yards, and in the front of the school. Trim back any trees, shrubs, and bushes that impede walkways. Remove invasives or unsafe plants.

General Details

Need: 1-2 parents per class, 1-2 for school-wide garden
Approx. Time/month: 1-2 hours
Contact: Office
Other info: Rakes, wheelbarrows, and yard waste bags are available in the shed. Feel free to help yourself, and engage children in the work when it’s safe! Funds are available for seeds and starts in the spring.


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Regular Linens

Pick up and wash your child’s classroom linens; usually 2-3 loads bi-weekly. Laundry person provides fragrance- and dye-free detergent, and does not use fabric softener on Alaya laundry.

Special Loads

At holiday breaks, more laundry, such as curtains and pillowcases are added to the normal loads.

Semester Commitment

Given the time commitment of 2-3 loads of laundry per week, It is usually enough to complete service hours to take one semester per family. Please indicate which semester (Fall or Spring) you would like to be the laundry person.

General Details

Need: 2 parents per class, 1 per semester
Approx. Time/month: 3 hours
Contact: Classroom Teacher
Other info: Please confirm with Julia Wingert that you have committed to doing laundry, so that your service hours can be tracked.


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Room Stewards

Organizing Events

Organize food for potlucks, setup and cleanup crews for community events. Assist teachers as needed.

Field Trips & Campout

Collect permission slips, car seats, and required materials for field trips. Organize drivers and license/insurance information. Help Garuda teachers prepare for campout as directed.

Special Outings

If, over holiday and summer breaks, you are taking your child to do something fun in town, feel free to reach out to the parents in your class, and maybe you’ll be joined by classmates!

General Details

Need: 1-2 parents per class
Approx. Time/month: 1 hour, variable
Contact: Classroom Teacher
Other info: Please check in with the teachers to identify classroom needs. Contact info is available from the Directory, and room stewards organize the information into useful configurations.

Apply with Classroom Teacher

Fish Keeper

Clean tanks

Clean the tanks in each three of the classrooms once per month. Replace filters. Condition water, monitor fish health.

Vacation feeders

Place vacation feeders before school breaks.

Request Supplies

Please communicate any fish tank needs to Julia in the office, who will acquire needed supplies.

General Details

Need: 1 parent per semester
Approx. Time/month: 2 hours
Contact: Julia Wingert
Other info: Cleaning all the tanks takes roughly 1.5-2 hours, so service hour totals would be completed about halfway through the year. Please indicate which semester you would like to care for the fish. Fish Keepers can arrange with the classroom teacher to clean the tanks during the school day, or after school is fine, too.


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Maintain information architecture

The library is currently undergoing an informational re-organization. We need helpers to organize the shelves, relabel books, and re-shelve loose books into their new categories throughout the year. At least one teacher will be available to give the Alaya-culture information that makes our system sensible. This position will also be responsible for donating the “Meh” books teachers have removed from rotation. Option to create a searchable book database in Google Drive so we can search for books electronically.

General Details

Need: 2 parents
Approx. Time/month: 1-2 hours
Contact: Julia Wingert, Sigga or Brooke for teacher questions


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Sporadic Tasks - check in with the office to claim

  • Morning snack - starting crock pots, preparing, delivering snack.

  • Making food for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Help with Setup and Cleanup of Special Events - Preparing/restoring the spaces for Community Nights, Lantern Walks, the Spiral Garden, Garuda Camp Out, Feast Days, Ice Cream Socials, Graduation. Coordinated by classroom teachers.

  • Crafting/Sewing/Making stuff for events, when solicited by teachers.

  • Driving and Chaperoning for field trips, especially Camp Out.

  • Raking and bagging leaves in the fall

  • Other solicited tasks that have been approved by the office. Email to check before spending time.

Spring Service Day

As the weather begins to thaw, and Garudas are gearing up to graduate, Alaya has plentiful tasks to shore up needed service hours. Spring Service Day is a way to do some of those hours as a team with other parents and caregivers. Projects vary. Please contact Julia at to sign up.