When do I work on service hours?

As soon as you sign up for a service hour job, or for sporadic work posted on the website, please email the office, or stop in for a quick orientation to your chosen responsibilities. Then, you’re off to schedule the work in any configuration that works for you. You’re welcome to be here after hours or on weekends, or sometimes during the school day.

If the activity would be disruptive to a classroom, then ideally that work would take place outside of school hours. For example, gardening that requires noisy or dangerous equipment would be best done after hours or on weekends.

Typically, times that classrooms are engaged in self-directed play are between 8:30-10 am, 11:30-12 pm, and 2-3 pm, depending on ages. If your work could be done involving students, or in their presence, please choose one of those times, when it would be a point of interest, rather than a distraction for kids to be looking on or participating.

An ideal example would be raking leaves, or replacing sand in the sandbox. Kids love to grab a rake or a shovel and help!

How do I report my time?

In the “Service Hours” tab, there is a space to report hours. This is linked to spreadsheets tracked by the office to account for your time worked, as well as Scrip purchases that count toward hours. ?You could also leave a note on the reception desk, or send an email to alaya@alayapreschool.org.

What counts toward Service Hours?

Recurring jobs like Laundry, Gardening, Fishkeeping, Library Maintenance, and Room Stewardship qualify for Service Hours.

Qualified sporadic tasks we’d love your help in completing are:

  • Morning snack - starting crock pots, preparing, delivering snack.

  • Making food for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Help with Setup and Cleanup of Special Events - Preparing/restoring the spaces for Community Nights, Lantern Walks, the Spiral Garden, Garuda Camp Out, Feast Days, Ice Cream Socials, Graduation.

  • Crafting/Sewing/Making stuff for events, when solicited by teachers.

  • Driving and Chaperoning for field trips,, especially Camp Out.

  • Raking and bagging leaves in the fall

  • Other solicited tasks that have been approved by the office. Email to check before spending time.

Think of Service Hours as billable in $20 increments. Because of this, Alaya focuses on meeting needs the school has, that are not met by the skill pool on staff. We wouldn’t be able to count hours for work or materials that we don’t already intend to hire out or purchase.

  • Environment Day - This is a mandatory 3-hour work day during which families get to know one another while working together on repairing, maintaining, and beautifying the classroom environs. Children are not allowed to attend, as the nature of the work creates a safety issue, and also parents are then free to focus and socialize.

  • Unsolicited Donations - When your family donates something that is on our wish list, or has been previously approved by the office, you may receive Service Hour credit. However, donating items that we aren’t planning to buy is a kindness we appreciate, but can’t offer credit for.

  • Classroom Participation - While we are so grateful for contributions of time and skill, we budget for small ratios of incredible children to incredible teachers. We hire out Spanish instruction for the Garuda room, and occasionally for teacher in-services. We do not, however, hire folks to showcase special talents and skills. We welcome you to share with your child’s classroom whatever you feel comfortable doing on a volunteer basis.

What DOESN’T count toward Service Hours?